20 October
St John's School / Püha Johannese Kool
Kivimäe 25, Tallinn

15:00      Opening of the Conference. Welcome.

                Liivika Simmul, Principal of St John’s School

                Choir and Dance ensemble of St John’s School

17:00  Questions-answers

17:20     Coffee break

21 October

Arvo Pärt Center, Kellasalu tee 3, Laulasmaa 

11:00       Opening

11:15    Coffee break

                 Ktisma or Plasma: a psychosocial perspective on creativity
                 in an Orthodox context

12:30      DAVOR DŽALTO 
                Creativity beyond Arts

13:00      REVD. IVAN MOODY
                Canon, Tradition and Creativity                        

13:30      Prof. Emer. MARE PORK 
     How can a person create his own inner world?

14:00    Lunch

                 An Invitation to Wonder: Orthodoxy as the Foundation for the Dialectic

16:15        NIKOLA MADŽIROV
                  Silence of/and Creativity 

                  Creativity and Fatherhood: Rediscovery of Pedagogy of Virtues

17:15  Coffee break

18:00        Concert. Vox Clamantis.

22 October

St John's School / Püha Johannese Kool, Kivimäe 25, Tallinn

09:00 -11:00         Liturgy in the parish of St John the Baptist
                              (Tähe 2, Nõmme). Znamennoe chant.

10:00-16:00           WORKSHOP 1

                                “Creativity in bringing up oneself and others” (in Russian,
                                with translation into Estonian)

                                PROF BORIS BRATUS AND NATALJA ININA  

10:45-11:00        Coffee break 

11:00-12:30           WORKSHOP 2
                                “Crisis and different forms of creativity” (in English)
                                PROF. RENOS PAPADOPOULOS

11:00-12:30           WORKSHOP 3
                                “Spiritual guidance and upbringing” (in Russian)
                                HEGUMEN HRISANF LIPILIN

12:30                       Lunch  

13:30 – 15:00         “Creativity and prayer” (in Estonian) 
                                 Revd TOOMAS HIRVOJA

13:30-15:00           “Contemporary Christian education: challenges and blessings”
                                (in English)
                                JOHN MARK REYNOLDS 

15:00      Coffee break 

15:30 – 17:00        “Spiritual guidance and upbringing” (in Russian)
                                HEGUMEN HRISANF LIPILIN

15:30 - 17:00         Creativity or creativites?
                                Issues of the contemporary secular interpretation and views of
                                G. Florovsky and N. Berdyaev

                                NATALIA MUNATAJEVA