20 October
St John's School / Püha Johannese Kool
Kivimäe 25, Tallinn

15.00              Opening of the Conference.

15.10              Prof Alexander Sidorkin. Trinitarian Pedagogy 

15.50              Liivika Simmul. On Being Human Within and in Relation to Others 

16.30              Dima Zicer. Human Nature and What School has to Do with It

17.10               Coffee break

17.30      Prof Renos Papadopoulos. Ananke from a psychological and
                         theological perspective (presentation by zoom)

18.10               Father Alexander Chorney. Man That Hates.
                        War as a Wake-Up Call. (presentation by zoom)

18.50    Sister Vassa Larin. Redeeming Time: The Liturgy of the Hours

19.30               End of conference day

21 October

Arvo Pärt Centre/Arvo Pärdi Keskus

Kellasalu tee 3, Laulasmaa 

10.30               Assembly

11.00               Opening

11.10              David Hicks. Helping Our Children Resist
                        the Dehumanizing Influences of Our Secular World

11.50              Rainer Sarnet. Creative Act in Dramaturgy 

12.30      Alexander Filonenko. To be Human in War 

13.15              LUNCH 

14.45              Lyudmila Ulitskaya. Nature vs Nurture

15.25               Prof Fr John Behr. Being Human with St Gregory of Nyssa

16.10      Liina Olmaru. Image and Imagination

16.40               Coffee break

17.00               Prof Davor Džalto. From Icon to Big Data: Imaging Being Human

17.40              Fr Stephen Platt. Bringing up Children in an Orthodox Family:
                        Some Reflections from an Oxford Parish

18.30               Break 

19.30               Concert by Vox Clamantis

22 October

St John's School / Püha Johannese Kool
Kivimäe 25, Tallinn

11.00–12.30   WORKSHOP 1: Fr Stephen Platt. Youth Work in the Parish

12.30–13.30 LUNCH

13.30–15.00  WORKSHOP 2: David Hicks. What is Classical Education?

15.30–17.00   WORKSHOP 3: Prof Alexander Sidorkin. Pedagogy and Relationships

11.00–17.00   COLLOQUIUM (in parallel with the Workshops)
                         „Sobornost, Solidarity and Humanity“
                        Panelists: Prof Fr John Behr, Sister Vassa Larin, Prof Davor Džalto,
                        Tauri Tölpt, Irina Pärt, Andrei Šiškov